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*[[Burrnesha (Albania)]]
*[[Burrnesha (Albania)]]
*[[Mungu idekh (Mongolia)]]
*[[Mungu idekh (Mongolia)]]
<strong class="mainpage_boxcontents_title">Have you read...?</strong>
<strong class="mainpage_boxcontents_title">Have you read...?</strong>

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The Global Informality Project is a leading online resource for the world's open secrets, unwritten rules and hidden practices, broadly defined as 'ways of getting things done.' This global and growing collection of invisible, yet powerful informal practices is made possible by remarkable collaboration of scholars from five continents. The project:
  • connects those interested in informality
  • serves as a teaching and learning database for the academic community, policy makers, businesses and the public
  • enables context-rich analysis and comparison of practices from all over the world
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EU flag.jpg INFORM has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693537.