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Below is a growing list of entries we have identified and would like to include in our database. Please contact us if you can contribute any of the practices listed below.

  • Ab bashi (Afghanistan)
  • Pozdravleniya (Russia)
  • Mianzi (China)
  • Bainian (China)
  • Fanju (China)
  • Buyeri (Russia)
  • Daigou (China)
  • Jajmani System (India)
  • Palinka (Hungary)
  • Practices of cyber-informality (Global)
  • Koumbaros (Cyprus)
  • Endrogar (Mexico)
  • Mut’a (temporary marriage in Shia Islam)
  • Soda money (Uganda)
  • Enchufismo (Spain)
  • Snow washing (Canada)
  • Tamizdat (FSU)
  • Ma'naviyat (Uzbekistan)
  • Zhuan Jie (China)

The growth of our database is pushed forward by suggestions for new encyclopaedic entries. If you notice something missing and feel it should be included here, please contact us at