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See our past events from the global book launch here.

Stanford, USA

2 March 2020: Stanford, USA

Alena has given a talk on Global Corruption versus National Isolationism at the University of Stanford, Global Studies Division. The talk addressed the multiple challenges that corruption presents to governments, businesses, academics, and the public and the EU policy's shift away from perception-based measurement methodologies and top-down policy design and toward approaches integrating complexity, big data, and context-sensitive policy advice.


Santa Barbara, USA

26 February 2020: Santa Barbara, USA

Alena has presented the Global Informality Project at the Department of Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Santa barbara poster.jpg Stanford2.JPG

Photo on the right: With Mayfair Yang, author of guanxi entry.

Venice, Italy

9-11 May 2019: Venice, Italy

The patterns of informal power acquired a non-textual mode in Alena's art displayed at the Palace of Ritual exhibition on the fringes of the 58th Venice Biennale. Three art pieces – Inner Circle, Scapegoat and Suspended Punishment – supported the dissemination of the Encyclopaedia. The exhibition was organised by Arts Territory, together with Avenir Institute, co-funded by the FRINGE Centre and co-curated by FRINGEr Michał Murawski.

Dissemination Venice 6.jpg Dissemination Venice 7.jpg Dissemination Venice 11.jpg Dissemination Venice 12.jpg

Dissemination Venice 8.jpg Dissemination Venice 4.jpg Dissemination Venice 9.jpg Dissemination Venice 1.JPG