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  • ...nger Service Vehicle permits, helmets (for driver and passenger) and third party insurance, as well as controls on numbers. There were also repeated attempt ...y government’s efforts to regulate. This played a key role in the ruling party’s strategy for building political support in an opposition-controlled cit
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  • ...09<ref>Marquez, A. 1990. ‘The Other Path by Hernando De Soto’, 10 B.C. Third World L.J., 10, 204-213, 3 March, ...d the DA’s rhetoric suggest that moralistic framework has influenced the party’s views on both alcohol and ''shebeens''.
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  • ...s and distinctions based on memberships or links to a particular political party ...gory: Employment| Employment]] – [[:Category: Political party| Political party]] – [[:Category: Elite| Elite]] – [[:Category: Influence| Influence]]
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  • the time that the order was made. As in other communist states, active party members and those with large personal networks advanced up the queue faster
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  • ...ion. New rooms are being added or enlarged; roofs converted into second or third floors; and terraces built on top of homes (Riveira 2012<ref>Riveira, G. 2 ...favelas'' to attend the (in)famous ''Baile Funk'' – a specific music and party scene. In recent years, ''favela'' tourism has also become a popular busine
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  • ...lic of Bulgaria, wrestling had been a popular sport in which the Communist party had invested a substantial amount of money establishing sporting facilities
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  • ...’ (''toma de terreno''). Commonly they were the construct of a political party and were formed ‘in a single, sudden and sometimes violent act that took A third reason that explains the existence of informal settlements in Chile is immi
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  • officials direct - instead they find an intermediary to act as a third party. In instances where a businessman and official have not yet established a r
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  • ...c administration employee through a nepotistic relationship or a political party affiliation and does not usually possess the required qualifications for th ...[:Category: Kinship| Kinship]] – [[:Category: Political party| Political party]]
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  • ...tegory: Influence| Influence]] – [[:Category: Political party| Political party]] [[Category: Political party]]
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  • ...rt Jeremiah Beverege, who in 1912 referred to the Progressive Party as the party that ‘has come from the grass roots. It has grown from the soil of people
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  • ...ries who secure, or try to secure, some advantage for someone from a third party who is in a position to provide that advantage. [[Wāsta]] in the Middle Ea ...roperty rights are not established, is one example. It has evident uses in Third World countries; there are parallels in Bogota, Cairo and in some sub-Sahar
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  • for access’ the money paid by the client is given to the political party of which the agent is a member, which helps to fund the political resources
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  • ...e’ was introduced by George Orwell's dystopian novel ''1984'', where the Party's Ministry of Truth systematically re-created all potential historical docu ...umours about an opposition candidate than negative rumours about their own party candidates.
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  • created for free in a few seconds, anyone can transfer value to a third party anywhere in the world, whether to purchase goods from merchants who accept ...cking digital cryptocurrencies. O’Reilly Media.</ref>). Over time, third-party service providers backed by venture capital firms have entered the scene (e
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  • ...ts and – the worst – calling for control mechanisms over the Communist Party (Van Voren 2010<ref>Van Voren, R. 2010.Cold War in Psychiatry. Amsterdam: ...nd in the mid-1970s many hospitals were enlarged or newly built. About one third of the political prisoners wound up in psychiatric hospital, where they wer
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  • ...he politicians then added the money to party funds as faked donations from party members (Die Welt 2004<ref>Die Welt. 2004. ‘Der Kölner Müllskandal,’
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  • part of the twentieth century in Chicago, they were referred to as ‘''party precincts''’ and played an important role in ‘machine politics’ (''ib Scholars have attributed their large numbers to deepening party competition since the 1970s and to the concomitant expansion in the number
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  • ...action or property made or held under a fictitious name or that of a third party, who acts as ostensible owner on behalf of the real owner ...[[:Category: Ownership| Ownership]] – [[:Category: Third party| Third party]] – [[:Category: Concealment| Concealment]] – [[:Category: Triangle| Tr
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  • ...hare the heights of the economic power. This power is passed down to local party officials and technocrats, so that they may enjoy significant autonomy vis-
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