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  • ...) voiced his concern with the dangers of ‘high culture’ and ‘foreign influence’ in art, and ruled that anything other than mass song or folk-styled soci ...t another part of developing a westernised identity. However, the American influence is often overstated, as Hilary Pilkington argued, the new Soviet teenager w
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  • ...hough a related verb, apitutar (which effectively means providing a job by influence) is included. There is a second meaning of the noun pituto which is include ...nfluence' and (2) apitutarse or in other words ‘to get a job through the influence of a third party with whom there is a close link'<ref>Academia Chilena de l
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  • ...ence than the village elders, and supplying the magharich’ to them could influence their view and help to achieve the desired outcome. This practice of influe
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  • ...ership in Cuba, as well as high levels of state capture by politicians who influence government policies for their own private gain. Because of the elite’s ab
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  • ...– [[:Category: Central Asia| Central Asia]] – [[:Category: Influence| Influence]] – [[:Category: Personal connections| Personal connections]] – [[:Cate [[Category: Influence]]
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  • ...resources by circumventing the official procedure, they augment their own influence and power.
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  • ...ay life may serve as a substitute mechanism enabling such organisations to influence other organisations’ decision-making procedures in ways that would not be ...channels include promising jobs to (potential) voters whose support could influence a large number of people to vote for the party in question, and guaranteein
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  • ...networks. These networks have been mostly competing over the resources and influence in Georgia as well as in other countries where Georgian organised crime has ...t of ''qurdebi'' has been most consistent in prisons, despite their fading influence over politics and the economy towards the end of 1990s.
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  • ...series of brief imaginary scenarios that represented processes of informal influence. For instance, one of the scenarios used in the study with students was as ...the ‘''pulling strings''’ scenarios exemplified less extreme forms of influence than those drawn from the other countries.
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  • ...a planned exchange with a trade association could be perceived as industry influence on the ministry’s policy, and cancelled its plans for the exchange<ref>Ma
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  • ...s to go abroad, etc. So long as the state in China continues to wield such influence and control in the economy and all domains of life, and state-owned enterpr
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  • ...involves applying pressure to public officials (especially legislators) to influence pending action or legislation, in terms of policy agenda setting or formula
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  • ...ndividual is expected to share his or her economic resources and political influence with his mahalla (family, relatives, neighbours). These mahalla norms shape
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  • ...ot as a practice but as an umbrella concept with a connotation of personal influence and strength of one’s networks. To have ''blat'' means to have a well-dev ...uth Caucasian republics, Georgia has historically been less exposed to the influence of blat-culture. For example, fieldwork conducted by Altman<ref>Altman, Yoc
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  • ...ritically important since the loyalty shared within them can fundamentally influence the ability to achieve personal and professional goals and interests (Schus
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  • lives, but urban-dwellers also become involved as a means of acquiring influence or financial capital. When people are engaged in business, they feel confid ...t on closeness, hoping thereby to gain access to resources, protection and influence. Politicians and entrepreneurs, for their part, also use kinship ties to fu
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  • ...more general forms of illicit activity, such as paying a bribe or securing influence by exploiting one’s connections. The term is also found in the pun ''Blă
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  • ...nst their opponents<ref>Hutcheson, D. S. 2006. ‘How To Win Elections and Influence People’, ''Journal of Political Marketing'', 5(4): 47-70. p60.</ref>. Sug
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  • ...[[:Category: Public service| Public service]] – [[:Category: Influence| Influence]] [[Category: Influence]]
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  • ...itical party]] – [[:Category: Elite| Elite]] – [[:Category: Influence| Influence]] [[Category: Influence]]
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